Architectural photography project for property management company Dayhu whose tenants include this McDonalds Restaurant in Richmond BC Canada. They also have Staples, Lordco and Lee Valley Tools among their other tenants.

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Marketing Images for Darwin Construction Multi - story SRO project in Vancouver

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Leed platinum condo development, green building

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Vancouver Native housing society SRO Darwin Construction

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Construction photography Las Vegas Hotel development

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Professional BC Drone photography for Hollandia Greenhouses, this aerial photograph also included professional drone video in a fly-over of the commercial business with the aerial drone. The professional drone operator captured photo and video footage

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Civic buildings Exterior, Lynn Valley Centre, North Vancouver

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Large scale building photo of Retail, mixed use buildings

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Exterior of Multi-family residential architecture and building development

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Civic infrastructure property development, architecture photography

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Restaurant Photography in Urban Environment By Professional Vancouver Photographer

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Glass Exterior of Public Library in North Vancouver

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Details of multi-story building by Vancouver Architecture Photographer

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Trade Publication Image of Boffo properties commercial building

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