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Funny advertising image for consulting firm in Vancouver

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Image for an ad campaign for Macinhome using an actor and corporate location

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Actor Pascal Belanger in a role as an angry computer user for this corporate advertising photography shot in Vancouver

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This conceptual ad campaign image was created by advertising photographer justin eckersall in downtown Vancouver

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Another image with Pascal Belanger for the Macinhome advertising project

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Actor Julie Bruns in this hilarious advertising photograph by Justin Eckersall for corporate client Macinhome

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On-location commercial promotional photo shoot shows Julie Bruns playing a role as a frustrated computer user

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Like a modern day version of Michelangelo The Creation of Adam this conceptual advertising image shows the helping hand of a macinhome technology consultant

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This corporate lifestyle photography was used in the ad campaign photography to communicate what the company does

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An advertising campaign with Award Winning actress photographed by Justin Eckersall in downtown Vancouver

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Conceptual photography for a promotional campaign by Vancouver photographer for promotional communications client Macinhome

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B-roll video footage for marketing and advertising

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During the photoshoot we created some simple B-roll video footage that will be cut into other video work done by the client. DOP Justin Eckersall created this as an add on to the clients advertising photoshoot.