These clean and modern Vancouver Office Lifestyle images created for Pixhug a high tech software company that needed the images for promotional use.

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minimalist office lifestyle images of this corporate team working at the board room table.

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modern clean white office lifestyle images where what this Vancouver company was looking for to use in marketing and advertising

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This corporate office lifestyle photography was created for Vancouver high tech firm Pixhug

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Office life-style images for the mining sector was created here for our commercial photography client that was looking to have fresh modern office photos

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These modern office life-style photographs were created for consulting firm MacInHome and the advertising photography was done to promote and market what they do

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Here we see corporate office life images the were created using models and actors to give a fresh modern look the client wanted.

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This modern office was used for an office life photoshoot where the MacInHome client wanted to emulate the clean modern designs of the apple computer products in their photography

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This Toronto Office Lifestyle photo shoot was done for Vancouver based Nemetz engineers and featured office lifestyle photos using real staff

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More images from the Toronto corporate photography for Nemetz where we staged clean modern office interactions

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This office boardroom photography was created for CWA engineers to show their modern office for advertising and marketing purposes.

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Here we see an engineering photographer capturing an image of this engineer at work for use in advertising and marketing for CWA engineers Vancouver

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